KM Series - US Specialty Food End-Market Analysis

With over $70 billion in annual sales, the U.S. specialty food market is the largest in the world. It has been open to emerging cuisines from across the globe including Africa and represents a solid opportunity for African manufacturers to gain distribution, market-share and product awareness.

The popularity of African specialty foods has grown tremendously and more manufacturers than ever are taking advantage of the U.S. market and their keen interest in African specialty products.   Perhaps more importantly is the impact this movement has had on the economies across Africa.  On a continent where the overwhelming majority of the population works in agriculture and commodity trade is often hampered by high operating costs and non-competitive classifications, specialty food offers a tremendous opportunity to highlight the best that Africa has to offer while inviting a huge cross-section of Africans to partake in the process and reap the rewards. Properly managed, the specialty food industry can substantially impact mass sectors of African industry

This report examines the various aspects of the U.S. specialty food industry, highlights market trends and opportunities, outlines specific requirements and standards for entering the U.S. specialty food market, and provides a directory of on-line resource contacts for additional assistance.

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East Africa Trade Hub: KM Series - US Specialty Food End-Market Analysis

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