Kyela College for Skills and Technology

"Skills Development in Textiles for Rural Income Generation"

The clothing industry in Tanzania is the final value added link in the textile manufacturing chain but it is severely hampered by a shortage of expert sewing machinists that are familiar with high industry manufacturing. The current pool of machinists in Tanzania is, for the most part, completely unfamiliar with the demands of a production line. Studies have shown that it takes six months before a trainee in Tanzania is ready to join an apparel production line which is four times the amount of time it takes in countries such as China or India.

The KCoST grant activity will work to offer trainings in both textile and entrepreneurial skills to women and young people. Training is intended to enable the students, at the conclusion of the training, to be able to enter into the self-employment textile sector and/or help them form their own textile enterprises.

Country: Tanzania

Grant Timeline: February 1st, 2012 to February 28th, 2013

Total Amount: $192,450

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