Partnership Fund


Target Population

Desired Outcome

African Cotton and Textile Industries Federation (ACTIF)

Cotton, textile and apparel stakeholders, and the tens of thousands of people, most of whom are women, who are employed in the cotton and apparel sectors

Promote trade in African cotton, textiles and apparel to expand market access

Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC)

Millions of African smallholder farmers, and their families, traders and grain processors

Promote and support the establishment of a structured grain trading system and strengthen the capacity of the secretariat

Eastern African Fine Coffees Association (EAFCA)

Coffee traders and EAFCA stakeholders

  • Quality and Product Enhancement
  • Trade and Market Expansion
  • Market Linkages and Business Relationships
  • Domestic Coffee Consumption
  • Institutional Strengthening

Farm Concern International (FCI)

10,000 grain producing households in Meru and 5,000 in Bushenyi - 50%of whom are women

  • Functional Structured trading systems at the village level
  • Improved livelihood
  • Sustainability

Cereal Growers Association (CGA)

5,500 grain producing households in Trans Mara and 1,500 in Arusha. 30% of whom are women

Improve grain marketing systems by establishing group-based Model Satellite Stores (MoSSs)

Insta Products (EPZ) Limited

Over 403,000 SAM clients to be re-habilitated - includes young children and people living with HIV / AIDS

Increase the capacity of the RUTF factory from 1,500 MT to 4,500 MT per year

Conservation Cotton Initiative Uganda Ltd (CCIU)

6,000 farmers

Revitalizing the organic cotton supply chain, increasing farmer revenues and the manufacturing and sale of Uganda organic cotton internationally

Rural Urban Development Initiatives (RUDI)

2,000 farmers in Kilombero district, 500 farmers in Iringa district and 700 farmers in Handeni- 40% of whom arewomen

Establish storage facilities, increase smallholder producers’ access to finance andincrease the incomes of smallholder farmers

Sustainable Harvest at Origin/Africa Ltd

Kilicafe Coffee Cooperative in Tanzania

Implement theRITS database system with Kilicafe to increase the cooperative’s competitiveness in the global specialty coffee market

Kenya Transport Association (KTA)

KTA’s membership, which employs over 40,000 people

Strengthening the institutional capacity of KTA to transform it into a strong, effective and self-sustaining association

Federation of East African Freight Forwarders Associations (FEAFFA)

Over 2,300 freight logistics firms

Strengthen FEAFFA to effectively steer development of a professional and competitive freight logistics industry in the EAC Region

Kenya Shippers Council (KSC)

100 shippersin Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and Sudan

Strengthen the Council’s institutional capacity to regionally provide member services, lobby governments and RECs

Agricultural Market Development Trust (AGMARK)

25,000 smallholderfarmers and 50 agro-dealers

Establishment offunctioning buyer-seller relationships between a) the agro-dealer and smallholder producers and b) large processors and the selected agro-dealers

Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa Trust (ACE)

ACE and its partners, stakeholders and trading clients

Enhance and expand ACE trading activities and further develop ACE trading software

ZAMACE (Zambia Agricultural Commodities Exchange) Limited

30,000 smallholder farmers, 60% of whom are women


Structure an enhanced smallholder grain marketing mechanism

Ten Senses Africa Ltd.(TSA)

1,800 farmers & their families

  • Scaling up processing capacity (quality and quantity improvements)
  • Improving technical assistance to the farmers
  • Achieving permanent Fair Trade and Organic certification for the export of Kenyan macadamia to the US and EU markets
  • Gain access to the US markets, having achieved steady and increasing sales by the end of the project

One Acre Fund

25,000smallholder farm families in western Kenya (65% women), and their 125,000children.
25,000smallholder farm families in southwestern Rwanda (65% women), and their 125,000children

    One Acre Fund will prepare 50,000 smallholder farmers in Kenya and Rwanda to access regional staple foods markets for maize and beans. These farmers, will participate in post-harvest handling and storage trainings to reduce their post-harvest crop loss by 50 percent, on average. At least 10,000 farmers will be linked to local traders. Sixty-five percent of the smallholder farmers reached in all activities will be women
    Kyela College for Skills and Technology  100 youth, 70% women, many of whom are single mothers who wish to increase their household income Deliver skills on textile technologies including garment design and fashion design complemented with entrepreneurial skills for job creation


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