Cereal Growers Association (CGA)

“The Establishment of Model Satellite Stores (MoSS)”

In the past eight years,Cereal Growers Association (CGA) has been working with smallholder cereal farmers in the grain surplus areas of Kenya in building their capacity to engage in profitable farming. During this period, CGA has assisted in the formation and training of 134 farmer based organizations (FBOs) or farmer groups in these areas. These groups have a total membership of 7,995 43% of whom are women. In the past one year under the support of the USAID EA Trade Hub, CGA has exported this farmer-group model to Tanzania in Dodoma region, where 1 umbrella group of 1,792 members 61% being women farmers have been mobilized. Through training on farming business, product aggregation, and post harvest handling, most of these farmers are responding positively to joint grain aggregation. However, storage and marketing still remains a challenge.

The problem of grain storage, post harvest handling and marketing was mainly identified in Trans Mara district (South Rift region of Kenya)and Kongwa district (Dodoma region of Tanzania). To address this problem CGA applied and received a grant of USD 243,920 from the USAID EA Trade Hub for a one year pilot project to assist the smallholder farmers in these areas. This grant support has stimulated a lot of success and renewed the hopes of farmers in these two regions especially after managing to deliver to WFP-P4P. However, challenges have also been experienced mainly due to the short period of project implementation especially in Tanzania due to drought conditions.Despite the challenges, the group in Kongwa has delivered 256 MT of white maize to WFP P4P in Tanzania and are in the process of rebagging 300 MT of similar produce at US$ 271.45 per MT.

CGA’s grant support from the EA Trade Hub will address:

  •     Fragmented / individualized marketing
  •     High post harvest losses
  •     Inadequate market information
  •     Over-reliance on maize
The main and immediate objective of this grant is to “expand the improvement of the grain marketing systems” by increasing the existing group-based Model Satellite Stores (MoSSs). These increased storage facilities will act as model centers for grain bulking, quality control and as hubs for market information. The project continuation& expansion (up scaling) also proposes to organize an agribusiness fair/field days mainly in Kongwa district of Tanzania to train farmers on increased production per square unit area. The medium and long term objective is to encourage these groups to engage in regional grain trade.

Country: Kenya and Tanzania

Grant Timeline:

1st Grant: October 1, 2009 – December 31, 2010

Amount: $243,920

2nd Grant: March 1, 2011 - March 31, 2012

Amount: $192,615


E-mail: david@cga.co.ke



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