Conservation Cotton Initiative Uganda Ltd (CCIU)

“Cotton Conservation and Resettlement Initiative for Northern Uganda”

Since the peace talks that started in June 2006,northern Uganda has enjoyed increasing tranquility.This has allowed people to return to their original villages and land, and begin to rebuild their lives. However,they are returning to land that has not been tilled for 15 years and more, to places that have little to no economic activity and opportunities. In addition, a large percentage of the returnees, being below the age of 20, have never engaged in agriculture before, brought up in IDP camps and having been recipients of food aid and other handouts. They do not have the motivation nor know-how to take their future lives as rural farmers in their own hands, and tend to drift into being unproductive, idling away their days in trading centers.

The primary objective of the EA Trade Hub grant to CCIU is to contribute to the economic development and resettlement of northern Uganda, in Gulu and Amuru Districts, by providing a financially viable farming alternative to people returning from internally displaced peoples camps to their villages of origin before the insurgency of the Lords Resistance Army.

Country: Uganda

Grant Timeline: December 1, 2009 – November 30, 2011

Total Amount: $593,680




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East Africa Trade Hub: Conservation Cotton Initiative Uganda Ltd (CCIU)

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