Eastern Africa Grain Council Hosts 4th Grain Trade Summit

The 4th African Grain Trade Summit takes place October 13th and 14th in Kampala, Uganda. This year’s theme is “Accelerating Growth in Grain Trade: Opportunities for Strategic Partnerships and Investment"; The event is organized and hosted by the Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) in collaboration with USAID/COMPETE.

The summit brings together policy makers, researchers, and business players from across the globe who operate in the grain value chain. The summit program includes sessions on: Grain Trade Status in Africa: past, present and future; the impact of policy on grain trade in the region; the role of trade in enhancing food security, and establishing structured grain trade: progress and future expectations (i.e. harmonized standards, WRS, commodity exchanges); Financing African Grain Trade: overcoming the challenges; developing the grain value chains: opportunities for investment (i.e. storage, drying, alternative grains – value chains), and as a closing speech - Five Years Later: Accelerating Grain Trade and Building Partnerships.

EAGC is a regional trade association that works in structured trading systems (WRS, commodity exchanges, aggregation, Market Information Systems (MIS), contracts and dispute resolution) as well as policy issues, transit matters and finance. USAID COMPETE is working with EAGC to implement best practices in agricultural trade across the East Africa region.


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East Africa Trade Hub: Eastern Africa Grain Council Hosts 4th Grain Trade Summit

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