Border Management and Coordination Reduces Transit Time on Northern Corridor

COMPETE participated in the Northern Corridor Stakeholders’ Consultative Forum held on April 3rd, 2012 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). A cross-section of private economic operators, development partners, representatives of EAC and representatives of Government institutions from Burundi, the DRC, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda were in attendance.

The Northern Corridor is the transport system linking the Great Lakes countries of Burundi, DRC, Rwanda, and Uganda to the Kenyan seaport of Mombasa. The Corridor also serves South Sudan, northern Tanzania and Ethiopia. COMPETE has partnered with the Northern Corridor Secretariat to reduce barriers to trade on this corridor and in particular at the Malaba border, where COMPETE has established Joint Border Committees (JBCs). As a result of JBCs, border management and coordination at Malaba has greatly improved since January, 2012 and transit times have fallen significantly. It is estimated that transit times have fallen by at least 50%, from an average exceeding 12 hours to an average of 6 hours. These figures are based on the data collected by the Sub Sahara Africa Transport Policy (SSATP) funded transport observatories and will be officially released in the second quarter of 2012.

The Northern Corridor Consultative Forum noted the impressive reduction of time at the Malaba border, especially given the absence of improved infrastructure. The Forum credited the reduction of time to improvement of border management and coordination among border agencies, as well as the removal of unlicensed agents at the border. Joint inspections are now fully operational and no cargo is put on hold because of the absence of any government agency. It is the responsibility of Other Government Agencies (OGA) to ensure they are present during the joint inspection.



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East Africa Trade Hub: Border Management and Coordination Reduces Transit Time on Northern Corridor

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